Partner with us and change your financial future. Make money from one of the only industries which has resisted the downturn of the economy.

Let us show you how to own your own hair company and add value to your bottomline. Imagine every time your customers ask you what to buy you refer hair from your own company instead of sending them to buy pack hair. Let us show you how to increase your revenue while giving your customers discounts and a superior product.

Imagine earning an extra $300 to a $1,000 a week plus, doing what you were already going to do! The average profit per bundle for our Zanta Remy line is anywhere from $15 to $25 bucks when you sell our hair at the suggested retail value! The profits are even greater when you sell our virgin hair! The average profit per bundle can range anywhere from $50 to $80 a bundle! Our hair is sold in 4oz bundles therefore it requires 2 bundles of hair to complete the average womans hair. If you sell 2 bundles with the margins that we mentioned above then your looking at anywhere from $300 to $1,000 a week in profit, depending on the ratio of Remy to Virgin hair that you sell on every 10 clients!!!!

Your clients save money with Zanta! The average bundle of REMY hair we sell at our suggested retail price is actually $20 to $25 cheaper than our major competitors, such as Bobbi Boss and others! We believe that our hair is better because it doesnt have any harmful chemicals on it and it is 100% human without any silcone coatings like store bought brands. Our virgin hair is about $50 to $100 cheaper per bundle than most of the competing websites, not to mention the fact that we offer a wider variety of hair from around the world!
For many years professionals and average individuals have tried to enter the Multi Billion dollar Hair Industry with little or no success. Their failure can be attributed to several factors including but not limited to the ones listed below.

(1) The industry is monopolized by a few wealthy individuals who makes it hard for potential competitors to enter.

(2) It is almost impossible to find a hair company which is reliable and consistent.

(3) Most companies carry the same quality hair, so why would a customer purchase from you when there are so many other large companies out there?

(4) If you do get lucky and enter the industry, you would be forced to spend thousands of dollars for inventory to sell.

We have taken all the pain and guess work out of the entire process and created a business opportunity that is second to none!

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Call our Corporate office at 773-363-6095 for more information on becoming a salon retailer.

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