Pre-installation instuctions
Hang dry

Hair care and maintenance instructions
Zanta virgin and remy hair extensions should be treated as normal hair and washed regularly to maintain its shape. We recommend shampoo and conditioners that contain no sulfates

Before shampooing, thoroughly brush your hair to remove any tangles

Shampoo hair in a downward direction. Do not pile the hair on top of your head. Gently lift your wefts up to clean your own scalp and hair. Follow the same instructions when using conditioner

Rinse hair completely with water and towel dry without rubbing or twisting the hair

If you need to blow dry your hair, use low heat. Excessive heat can dry and damage your hair

Once your hair is dry, you can style it as desired.

To maintain the natural body of zanta virgin and remy hair, avoid using styling products containing alcohol or heavy oils

At bedtime, brush your hair thoroughly. Then wrap hair or tie it up with a silk scarf to prevent tangling. Never sleep on loose, wet hair

Proper care is essential to maintaining the natural beauty and longevity of our zanta virgin and remy hair.

Zanta Pure Collection
Natural Straight
Natural Wavy
Natural Curly

Zanta Vain Collection
Relaxed Straight
Body Wave
Loose Wave
Deep Wave
Coil Curl
Kinky Curly

Zanta Luxe Collection
Natural Straight
Natural Wavy
Natural Curly

Zanta Glam Collection
Relaxed Straight
Yaki Straight