The BOP Network is built on the principle that the children are not our future, but rather that we are our childrens future. The next generation will have a future built on the foundation that we build today! We are looking for entrepenuers, leaders and champions who are willing to take a stand for the future. We envision an online movement that will manifest itself into a practical systematic approach to realize our core vision. Our goal is too:

1) 5 Billion Dollar Economic Engine
2) 500,000 Businesses and Organizations Globally
3) 5,000,000 Individuals from urban communities employed
4) 15,000 Urban Leaders United globally
5) A Global Social Program Funded and driven by this effort

As a part of the internet community, you will be given access to others globally who have resources that can be networked in the interest of creating the foundation for this economic engine. We believe that the synergy that we create here will be the foundation for the realization of our goals. you will receive inspirational quotes and information to support your respective businesses. We look forward to your support in this endeavor!