There are so many different hair types being advertised, Indian, Indian Remy, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Russian, Mongolian/Burmese and European ect… the list goes on and on.We get a number of ladies asking what the difference is between some of the hair types as it can all get a little confusing when trying to choose a hair that’s best suited for you and which hair to buy, so we decided to shed a bit of light on your path to fabulous hair.

Indian Hair
Indian hair is one of the most loved and universally known hair types available on the market. It is very versatile, soft, with a naturally beautiful luster.Indian hair however can come in a variety of forms which reflects the quality of the hair.Indian Remy-

Remy hair
Remy hair is hair that is collected from one donor that has been lightly processed to modify the hairs texture. The cuticle of the hair remains intact, all the strands are hand selected to run in uniform direction preventing tangling and promoting stronger, healthier and longer lasting hair.

Virgin Hair
Virgin hair is 100% natural. It has had no chemical or processing alterations done to it. Due to its completely natural state it is hypoallergenic and free of harmful irritable chemicals. With virgin hair, wash after wash the hair looks healthy and shiny. Virgin hair comes in its natural color and texture (if someone tries to sell you virgin hair and asks you about what color you want, color 1, 6 etc, Girl that aint virgin hair!) Excuse my urban outburst. Virgin hair comes in 1B,2, depending on the region the ends of the hair may be a little lighter like a 4 or 6 but only the tips of the tips will vary in color due to the sun. Think of it like this if Remy hair is the Bentley of hair, Virgin hair is the Rolls Royce!!

Malaysian Hair
Malaysian hair is probably one of the most luxurious of all the hair types. It has a softness that will melt the hearts of almost all that come into contact with it. It has a heavy density and natural bounce to it again this hair is well suited for all.

Peruvian Hair
Peruvian hair is very soft, it has a light, fine and silky texture that is suited for those seeking a European or Latin hair texture.

Burmese/Mongolian Hair
Burmese hair is not too widely known but it is gorgeous and a favorite of many that do know it. Burmese hair is cross between Chinese and Indian hair. It is healthy, resilient and full bodied. It is naturally straight with a slight curl at the end. Burmese hair is well suited for people of African descent and those that like naturally straight hair.

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian hair is one of the most beautiful types of hair around. It is known for its full body, beautiful bounce, texture and versatility. Brazilian hair can vary in its appearance depending on it donor. Brazilians decent can very from some are of European and or African decent therefore the hair can range from silky to a relaxed hair texture, shiny to a low luster. Brazilian hair has a heavier density than Indian hair and is well suited for almost people due to its versatility.

European Hair
European hair in general is has small cuticles making it quite fine, low in density, soft and silky in texture. European hair is usually straight or with a slight wave.Here at Hair Traffik, we pride ourselves on staying abreast with the current hair trends in the industry and continue to strive to provide ladies with the best hair on the market.